Easy, Homemade Shaving Cream

Making shaving cream is easy & it’s so healthy for the skin because we aren’t skimping on the healthy oils our skin needs. I’ve been making our skin care products for years. It cleared up any skin issues we had & now my hubby won’t use soaps or shaving cream from the store.

What you will need:

16 oz. whipped soap base

3/4 cup distilled water

1 tsp. bentonite clay

3 tbsp. fragrance (I use Natures Garden)

1 tsp. glycerin

1 tbsp. sunflower oil

air-tight containers

For this recipe I am using “Ferocious Beast” fragrance. (It smells like Fierce Cologne.)


Place everything into a mixing bowl. Mix well until texture becomes foamy.

Scoop into air-tight containers. It should have a shelf life of a year.

Note: If your fragrance has vanilla notes in it & you don’t use a vanilla stabilizer, your shaving cream can discolor with a brown discoloring. It is not spoiled, it’s just discolored. I rarely use the stabilizer & it’s rarely happened to me but wanted to include the warning.

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